Why have a web development?

Why have a web development?

Web Developments are now more than the standard websites that every designer does as a source of income. They are integrated into Social networks and communities facilitating discussion among your audience to capture useful research.

Companies create private virtual networks for employees, paid subscribers, customers, members, etc. These networks can be created for an unlimited number of internal or external goals. From E-Commerce solutions through to healthcare portals, and virtual presenters targeting defined demographic groups, we have gone through the phases of the DOT COM generation, the social media platforms and now the web 3 developments and Internet TV, and selected viewing habits.

With Augmented reality, mixed media, animation, and so much more, and especially now after Covid, clients are seeking new ways to grow their businesses.

There should be a raft of exciting ideas showing us unique perspectives of a business, or are we all just playing safe?

Simply designed, easily navigable mobile websites are a powerful way to reach and stay in contact with your customer base. Created to complement your existing online strategy, or launched with unique goals in mind, a professional mobile site will effectively reach consumers who demand information on the go and in public places. Mobile is the way of the future, gaming and strategy, and direct response mechanisms are all going down this path.

These range from IPAD through to both IPhone and Google Android platforms.

Photographically we should be working alongside the designer or client and crafting images that can be used aross the campaign, not just shoot a few product shots. Thats the short term fix and often a failing for people, as they think that building a site and throwing on a few products and the customers will come, Nah, that aint gonna work thats for real. Better to get the photographer in at an early stage, and see how much diverse content can be generated so that it can be used across many platforms for the next 6 to 12 months at least.

We have clients that go back almost a decade and at least once a year if not more we upgrade their content, shoot new material, and change the look and feel of things. Refreshing imagery increases brand awareness, and customers certainly treat you differently if you deliver new eye candy.

It’s always worth a shot to get another pair of eyes in and look at things. Sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees.