What’s in a corporate presentation nowadays?

“The days of the corporate video have never been so exciting. More than ever nowadays we will turn a clients corporate into something of a spectacle. “Hang on how many times have you heard that, to find that it’s the same old shit, same old story, a few pretty images with a soundtrack.
From the simple straight forward approach through to a doco drama, corporates are now streaming online, being used as intros, a branding statement, and a concise expose’ on a company’s movements. With modern digital technology, there are so many ways to create corporates at a lot less than previously experienced. So why are they so boring?

From distinct brand recognition through to sales performance and provocative advertising, the online video spend as a percentage of total Internet advertising has quad-tripled by 2016 to $20.7 billion in the US alone. As companies use the medium 24/7 there are analytical reviews that can be monitored, and designed for almost anything. So why are so many videos and presentations such a boring display of a company’s message?

We stopped making videos because people no longer wanted to pay. Our commercials and videos would last a client in some cases 10 years or more, so why aren’t they thought out in todays world. TikTok, Facebook live and streaming apps make it so easy, so why bother.

At least the images we create can be blown up on a wall 16 x 9 ft if need be, such is the resolution, for a similar price.