What about web developments?

Web Developments are more than the standard websites that every designer does as a source of income. They are integrated into Social networks and communities facilitating discussion among your audience to capture useful research. Companies create private virtual networks for employees, paid subscribers, customers, members, etc. These networks can be created for an unlimited number of internal or external goals. From E-Commerce solutions through to healthcare portals, and virtual presenters targeting defined demographic groups, we have gone through the phases of the DOT COM generation, the social media platforms and now the web 3 developments and Internet TV, and selected viewing habits. There should be a raft of exciting ideas showing us unique perspectives of a business, or are we all just playing safe?

Simply designed, easily navigable mobile apps are a powerful way to reach and stay in contact with your customer base. Created to complement your existing online strategy, or launched with unique goals in mind, a professional mobile site or application will effectively reach consumers who demand information on the go and in public places. Mobile is the way of the future, gaming and strategy, and direct response mechanisms are all going down this path.

These range from IPAD applications through to both IPhone and Google Android platforms. These can start at simple free to download apps through to paid apps that offer a small return on your investment. And are we using them?? It can all be part of ones marketing mix if we choose!