Water Transformation

Aimed at those who have experienced major trauma, we photograph them in and under the water, creating a beautiful set of images to show their beauty, their ability to overcome the odds, and be empowered, young or old. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cancer, major accidents.

Rex is pioneering this project after spending decades in the advertising world and working on national and International campaigns and supporting charitable organisations for the protection of women and children globally. Seeing how people are affected by PTSD, Cancer and pyschiatric disorders has triggered him to act in a more constructive way by developing this transformative practice using photography, a skillset that he thrives on capturing the essence of the individual. His goal is to reach people all over Australia and New Zealand and share his passion and the transformative properties of being in water as well as the joy and comfort it can bring. He believes in the power of water and the power of the creative process to transform body and mind.

Rex would love your help in support through donations or to sign up for a water portrait session continuing to spread the word to help increase the number of survivors that can take part in this exciting project.  With your help, we can make a difference in peoples continuous transformative process.

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