Small businesses need content too!

Small businesses need content too!

Many smaller companies need web campaigns that work with both print and video to create a rounded approach post-Covid 19. This holistic treatment is where most SME’s see themselves heading.

We find these times are always changing with such unpredictability in the market and the needs of our clients are such that, if they don’t take advantage of what’s on offer nowadays, they will miss out, especially as customers now hold the power, and the market is becoming like shifting sand.

We work extensively in the social media arenas, especially with national campaigns involving both youth and social development, however, social media is evolving every day, as new groups spring up and our experience dealing with Google and Apple, are better suited to more visual solutions that can be applied to the market. While younger audiences are going for apps and Instagram, older audiences are on Facebook strangely enough. Nothing needs to be boring anymore.

The costs have come down technically, but the ideas are still premium in the overall plan. Don’t get caught up in the hype, but be educated in the ideas that generate it. You deserve it to yourself. Photography can be on a budget if planned properly, but not some clown on a phone shooting off images because he or she has the latest iPhone. Imagery still has to have meaning, be eye candy, and draw the viewer in. It’s your call to think on what will drive you successfully.

People forget how important imagery is, as it can draw the viewer in or push them away. Images that don’t sparkle don’t last. I’m still seeing images and commercials that I shot 10 years ago with some clients, you can’t do that off a phone can you. Everything I shoot I have in raw as well as a small jpeg for viewing. That way I can change things more easily, as I have the data to do it. I guess that’s the difference isn’t it.

One thing is for sure if we homogenize what we do too much, the value of it just becomes another commodity and the only companies that win in the end are Facebook and Google as we are forced to use their mediums to get the message out there.