Shooting portraits – the use of various lighting techniques

Photography is changing all the time and we are finding that an anything goes approach is certainly becoming the norm, when it comes down to lighting the subject and getting a good look.

High key, low key, clamshell, one light, backlit, soft light, Rembrandt, are all terms  that we hear so often, but what and why do we use each scenario, and how can they improve our technique. Let’s break them down.

You’ll learn how to apply what technique to what situation, and whats ideal. I won’t be doing the work, you will. Using your own gear or mine, we’ll provide a model, and set up at a suitable location to make it all work.

I’ll take you through all the various aspects of lighting, and then you will photograph the subject, and create the results for yourself. Each session lasts for at least 3 to 4 hours, so be prepared to master subtle technics yourself, and understand the creation of emotion in a shot.

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