Edge of the World


The scenery at Gardiner Point is beautiful in a rugged and weather-beaten way as mother nature shows off her true strengths. Powerful waves ride atop the surface of the blue ocean and mercilessly batter the rugged coastline leaving the skeleton of trees bleached white by the salt and sun piled high along the coastline

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The Edge of the World is a wild and desolate place, beset by churning seas and angry little flies. Rolling waves drag pieces of driftwood the size of whole tree trunks onto the windswept beach. The bare logs are washed by the wind and currents into neat stacks on the sand, bringing a whiff of order to the mayhem. There’s no land between this solitary stretch of the Tasmanian coast and Argentina, making it the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on Earth. Arriving here also marks an endpoint of sorts for our trip around the rugged and remote northwest.

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