Our work takes us all over the world from International clients to domestic retailers, where we have created hundreds of campaigns using TV and still imagery, and continue to do so now, for a select few. We have found that in an age where both digital still and moving image can be used, it will be, so often we are called upon to develop concepts that can reflect both mediums.

Outlined are the various photography packages, all you need to do is tick the appropriate links and you will be directed to the contact form, where you can get in contact with us and someone will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours. Our standard rate is $100.00 per hour excluding GST, however we prefer to package it up, as each situation is different. One job we may only charge $300.00 for 3 hours, another may get us for 6 hours or more, depending on whats required.

Photojournalism/Social Media from $75.00 per hr

(Includes usually a minimum of 3hrs photography, natural lighting, portrait style/lifestyle/action shots. Delivered as Jpegs on a flash drive, after a basic retouch). (Specific Retouching extra) Primarily used for social media, brand development, and specific web development. 40 to 60 images. Because everyones expectations are different, we do not just charge by the hour. Creativity is looked upon differently, and the experience we have dates back a few decades.

Glamour Sessions from $400.00 per session

(This can be up to 7 hrs. in either an implied studio or on locations, determined by the client). All models are chaperoned by our assistant, and often the set is closed, and/or a makeup/stylist present. We suggest a number of differing looks, with a total of 40plus images made available and retouched quickly. This will be put together as a soft copy, as well as loaded to a flash drive with Jpegs and raw files. Glamour sessions all vary as well, and most of our work on this subject is not available to the general public. Peoples privacy matters, and those appearing on our pages are either paid models or those who have agreed to be shown. Examples of session portfolios are only available on request.

Photo retouching and visual effects @ $45.00 per hr

3D modeling extra. POA. Prices are usually packaged, in preference to an hourly rate. Suggest that you get in touch to find out more about photography rates, especially as there are a variety of options available and we have found over the past decades, that clients always want to combine a number of options for maximum impact, and ROI. Payments can be via PayPal (credit cards), cash, or time payments. Raw images are not released until all outstanding payments are made. Non Disclosure agreement to be signed by both parties, and no material to be used in portfolios without client consent. Standard talent release form applied where applicable.

Commercial Photography from $1,500.00 per day

(Includes a full day shooting on 5DSR, with lighting, studio hire, and basic props. Shooting on raw plus Jpegs.) Excluding makeup/Stylist, specialized gear. POA. This obviously includes a studio, some gear hire and props.

Commissions are POA and can be extremely complex artistically

Our style is more based on artistic characterisation, visual effects, and design. These can be viewed separately if required, however many scenes are more POA, as they are very time consuming, and dramatic. They can range from $500.00 for an easy panoramic to $4,000.00 or more for a complex scene. You then own it outright to copy or make whatever size images you require

Environmental Portraits from $400.00 per session

(Includes up to 7 hours photographic time, with lighting both for interiors and exteriors, including at least 4 to 5 various looks. All selected photos up to 40 variations, retouched and delivered on the flash drive only as high rez Jpegs) Raw files are also made available to the client upon receipt of the account.