Photojournalism – Capturing an event!

Many people take up photography because they want to either photograph beautiful women, shoot fashion, or make money from doing weddings, but what about photojournalism? What makes a great photojournalist, what separates you from all the rest, and why do companies contract you for additional work.?

With over 3 decades of history behind me, 45 broadcast documentaries for TV, and hundreds of commercial campaigns to historically draw from, I’m teaching one on one sessions how to make the most of your photography, and how to tell stories from your events.

We work extensively with you over a 3 hour period covering all the aspects necessary for you to be successful. From aspects of lighting, technique, communication, and composition, you will learn how to properly “Run and Gun” as they say. Nothing like what everyones an expert on Youtube will say, no this is old school, tried and tested methods from decades of doing it for a living.

From the beginning, to the end of the session, we’ll show you how to go about to, what questions to ask, directing talent, the good and the bad side of photographic essays, how to photograph, or film properly, issues about crossing the line, lease review, etc.

Basically there ain’t no course like it. I only work one on one, as every student is different, and I have no intention of doing group sessions, as I want to give you my full attention.

Have your work being used in the social media arenas, combining fresh content with response triggers and brand building especially with campaigns involving youth, fashion, services, and products. Social media is evolving every day, as new groups spring up and our ongoing experience dealing with Google and Apple, are better suited to more visual solutions than what most people understand can be applied to the market. Nothing needs to be boring anymore. The costs have come down technically, but the ideas are still premium in the overall plan. So you learn from us FIRST HAND.

Don’t get caught up in the hype, but be caught up in the ideas that generate it. You deserve it to yourself. Photography is often looked upon now in reach of everyone with a phone, and the costs of paying people have dropped significantly. People think that because he or she has the latest iPhone, it’s going to be successful. Imagery still has to have meaning, be eye candy, and draw the viewer in. It’s your call.

We hear all too often a local newspaper or printed form of media suggests that their medium has more longevity. What utter nonsense. The customer flicks through the tabloid maybe once and then its in the bin. Everyone is on their phone, and usually on the most popular platforms of Facebook or Instagram, or a range of apps that appeal to the customer.

All my data and statistics that I get from Google and Facebook daily show me where audiences are placed and how they are responding. Me being an old TV producer/Director know all too well that those mediums are now defunct, as audiences shift around with all the new shiny things that appeal to them at the time..

One thing for sure though, without decent content, one is not going to appeal to anyone. Decent and well-crafted photography transcends a flash in the pan collection of garbage. It’s not the technology that’s the important thing, but the person who is using it.

Learn what works and what doesn’t. I maybe old school, but material I shot 10 years ago is still being used today. Thats the commercial reality.

To find out more, contact me directly or look for the masterclasses