Making a statement with fashion & style

The structure of the lesson takes on a photographic session, including location, working with the makeup/stylist, and developing a style with the talent. This involves possibly up to 3 models, but usually a minimum of 2. Lighting is key as we use a mixture of flash, as well as LED. This is a non-studio-based, (location-based shoot).

Work alongside me, understand the dynamics of working with people, and see how to practically structure your shots, both for an overall look as well as capturing the essence of a person.

See what works when dealing with fashion and style, and what doesn’t. See the value of lighting, and how to mold the light to suit each individual.

Not just posing but creating flow, and dynamics for the individual. See how to shoot on the move, create natural flow, and eventually turn that into meaningful video.

From E-Commerce solution to healthcare portals, targeting defined demographic groups, fashion and style are required all the time, especially if you want to stay in front of the curve. The social media platforms, the web 3 developments and Internet TV, all offer selected viewing habits. There should be a raft of exciting ideas showing us unique perspectives of a business, so that is partly what we are driven by in being creative.

I find that every day I get asked by clients, how to make money without burning down the bank. In my 35 years of advertising history and experience, there is no one easy fix, and more than ever, data, and information has become more accessible to all, just as has photography. One must separate yourself and be a leader of the pack, not a follower. Dare to be different and step outside the norm.

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