Landscapes that stand out – how to be different

One of the first things in photography is the landscape image and general shot. Everyone does it, but with so much crap nowadays on all the media streams, what separates your work to everyone else. This was always my first class that I created, right back when I started in the good old film days. I couldn’t just look at a scene, I had to deconstruct it, and in many ways this has saved my bacon with video footage stock library material and still images being a staple income, when nothing else was available. Nowadays however thats all changed, and to stay ahead of the curve, I must be prepared to create sensational imagery.

Over the course of the 3 to 4.5 hour session I will work with you and explore various locations explaining what will work, what won’t and how to make each scene that you create different.

Well go through all the camera basics, through to HDR, focus stacking and developing a scene for split tones, using ND filters, long exposures, tripods and equipment. By the time you have finished these 4 hours you’ll be up to speed and ready to take on the more advanced courses, and see what really works and what doesn’t.