Last of the Baby Boomer sect, Rex is one of those brought up in the seventies and eighties, and learned his craft through the school of life, as well as a few select courses along the way. Three decades later, he’s not slowing down one iota. Life is too short, too precious, too exciting to seize on all the opportunities that are opening up. From Digital film making to Interactive Apps, the possibilities are immense.

Regardless of technology, and also because of it, the challenge is more in thinking outside the box, thinking on ones feet and taking advantage of the magnitude of technological leaps that are around us. Use the tools, and be creative, don’t get caught up in the micro management, everyone’s different.

All the major brands that he has worked with over the years are all changing and being redefined. If we don’t adapt and move forward, we go backward. Stay on the crest of the wave, and be refreshed. Read his LinkedIn profile if you are interested in the details, his budgets have ranged from a few million to a few thousand, that’s the beauty of the work we do.

One thing for sure, he enjoys wearing more than one hat and working with a collective group of passionate people. It’s all about getting a result and making it fun along the way.

He is a constant contributor to Gettys Images, IStock, Shutterstock, and Adobe stock image libraries as well as others.

His youtube channel can be seen by clicking on this link:

His commercial business is northern studio which has a history of working Internationally, and this can be viewed at:


He does not shoot weddings, events, or parties. His style of photography is unique, and he is constantly experimenting with ideas and people. Want to be involved, get in touch.

Some of his client relationships he has had in the past:

  • BMW Worldwide (NZ dealership engagement, branding)
  • Renault (NZ point of sale, branding)
  • Remington (NZ direct response, retail)
  • Honda (branding, interactive engagement)
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare NZ (iso accreditation)
  • Merke Sharpe & Dome (NZ product launch, customer awareness)
  • Courts Worldwide (brand launch)
  • Proctor & Gamble (TVC development)
  • Bendon (NZ TVC brand development)
  • World Vision (40hr Famine Campaigning)
  • Elle McPherson (Billboards, POS)
  • Ryobi (NZ direct response, retail TVCs, and point of sale)
  • NZ Justice Dept. (social media engagement)
  • NZ Govt Social Development (social media engagement).
  • Toyota Worldwide (branding)
  • Hyundai Worldwide (branding and retail)
  • Max Factor (print campaigns)
  • Loreal Paris (TVC production)
  • Nica Ricci (print campaigns)
  • Orica/Dulux (NZ corporate communications)
  • MRF Tyre Corporation (brand development & TVC development)
  • Unilever (TVC production & print campaigns)
  • Jims Mowing Auckland (interactive & social media engagement)
  • South Pacific (interactive & social media engagement)
  • Eco Insulation (interactive & direct response development)
  • Genesis Energy Corporation (specialized Interactive development)
  • Coca-Cola Amatal (specialized TVC development)
  • McDonalds Corporation China (specialized TVC development, retail)
  • Emirates Airlines (in house videos, campaigns)
  • Hunting and Fishing NZ (Retail TVCs and campaign development)
  • Watercare Auckland (video training for public)
  • Mitre 10 (Retail commercials and in-house training & print campaigns)
  • Carters/Stevensons (TV Series on how to)
  • NZ Soccer Association (26 TV series for Sky TV)
  • Triumph Lingerie (TVCs and print campaigns)
  • Chanel (TVCs and print campaigns)
  • Alfa Romeo {TVCs and print campaigns)
  • Hugo Boss (TVCs and print campaigns)
  • Armani (TVCs and print campaigns)
  • Vera Wang (print campaigns)