Photographer of 1dayonelife, Rex Ellacott, who began his career back in 1980, when he studied fine arts and photography in his native New Zealand. Quickly learning that he could not develop his style with the ideas he had at the time, he became involved in the film and television world, firstly working as Art Director, then Camera Assistant, Editor, and Director and Producer. With over 3 decades of directing and producing commercials, documentaries, animation and visual effects projects, and videos globally, he’s returned to his first love, that of a composed frame. As the Photographer behind the project he would rather work with an individual and create his or her own piece of personalised art than work on feature films, and drama, crews and mega budgets, where he says that you are constantly under the pump, by young executives who are constantly trying to reduce budgets.

From the International worlds of visual effects, illusion and drama, he’s taken the craft and has transpired it into Interactive media, mobile applications and successful social media campaigns across many countries. This he continues to work on, helping clients achieve their goals and targets. Being a Photographer he feels very privileged, as it’s  now about telling a story in a single image.

As he puts it, “while technology is embracing massive changes both good and bad, film making has become available to the masses with homogenised material expressed as eye candy, and registered viewers, on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Snapchat. One has to wade through all the material to find any nuggets of expression”. As a Photographer you can either capture a moment, or let it slip through your fingers. As a filmmaker you have to spend longer in telling a story, or conveying a feeling. In a still image it’s frozen there permanently. But how many actually see it and think about it? Have we lost that art form? That’s the value in A photo journalistic journey.