Benefits of 1dayonelife

Benefits of 1dayonelife: “Chapters” are produced as something different, aimed at you, your family and friends, as a memento of who you are. It gives you a time capsule of yourself, and how you want to be perceived. More than a portrait, sports or an artistic setting. It’s a photo journalistic approach and definitely unique to each individual. All chapters are different, with their own special features, making them timeless.To sum it up, it would probably be looked upon as an environmental portfolio.

Benefits with 1dayonelife, “Chapters” will be taken and added to our mobile applications for IOS and Android with ongoing purchases through the application as a way of recouping costs and giving a percentage back to charity. Every 18 months or so, a new or nominated charity will be considered, and published on this site. We have a custom database of over 50,000 people who we are targeting this towards, so it will bean exclusive project, artistic and memorable.

The production contains to start with, 40 profiles of people from all walks of life who all have extraordinary stories. Packaged in individual chapters, each gives valuable insight into the persons life, and what they would like to leave on humanity. Photographed all differently, there are video clips, audio files, interviews and unique pieces of media content to highlight each story. Previews are available through the application soon to be linked here.

Bound in a digital soft copy, each chapter is of 8 to 10 pages each, with photographs, maybe videos, audio, and copy, giving the viewer an insight into their world, their highlights, their beliefs, their stories. 

The questions: Each person is asked questions, with an amazing array of answers that many of us would never consider.

  • Can you give a brief summary of your life and achievements to date?
  • What would you consider the most valuable thing that you can impart upon life?
  • If you were asked to contribute to the next generation, what would it be?
  • With the world as it stands now, what and where do you see it going?
  • Is a faith important to you and if so how do you define it?
  • Have you traveled a lot and if so, what experiences have you learned from that?
  • For someone reading this book and viewing your life, what would you like to say to them in closing?

This is just a guide, so the possibilities will be expanded with each individual.
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