Born in South Africa and emigrated in 1998. After school, I attended a Technical school and took up a trade as an electrician. My preference in this field was factory maintenance. I like to fix machinery and find out how it works. I am a hands-on type of person where I make things, I am creative. Interest in music, namely piano and a pipe organ was evident at a very early age, before 3yrs old. Never did exams, didn’t have much tuition, but relied on or listened to my heart. My interest in pianos grew with maturity whereby I bought old pianos and started to rebuild them. Starting with the cabinet, in some cases re-veneering the entire piano. I would repair the soundboards by firstly removing the iron frame, work which most piano technicians have never attempted. I have restrung, replaced hammers, the whole mechanisms. All this knowledge came freely from my intuition. I learned how to tune a piano, taught by a fellow technician. I have rebuilt/refurbished both upright and grand pianos. Pianos are part of me, my Soul and my interest will never subside. I still play piano, mostly contemporary music and have taken on to learning Blues and boogie-woogie music.

Most valuable things to impart on life to me are 1) work hard to achieve our goals and never give up. 2) Be responsible. 3) Respect others and yourself. 4) Always be honest and punctual. 5) Take care of your body which you have been blessed with. You are what you eat. Health is the upmost important aspect of life. Keep moving, train hard. 6) You are never too old to learn new things, keep your mind active and never give up.

I see the world being controlled my greedy people or control freaks resulting in corruption, fraud, fighting, unrest, starvation and leaving people homeless. Unless these issues are addressed, destruction of this beautiful planet is evident.