The Application

The Application: In today’s busy digital world, nobody wants to be wasting money by paying for postage or going through expensive distribution channels to get a good read, when they can have it updated directly to their application.

We are not talking about an E-reader here or an Amazon service, but an application that you can easily download for free onto your iPad or Tablet and view at any time, with updates happening regularly. Both available for Android and IOS, this service will be available very soon.

Plus you’ll get videos, snippets, and things that you could never dream about on a standard book or paperback. Plus it’s being updated every month or two with new profiles, new people and lots of interesting content. For a price of coffee every month, you can be entertained, challenged, and updated with new material.

Being digital it can be easily updated, kept relevant, and constantly keep you informed. Become part of our tribe and meet new and interesting people all the time. And remember that a percentage of profits are going to charity. This is the future of many publications, purchase for a month, or a year, and be entertained, but don’t waste space with hardcopies, or one off reads.