Having been born on Christmas Day last century, into a family I believed didn’t want me, I took on a lot of emotions, beliefs & actions that I don’t believe are meant for any child to carry. After my mum & Dad broke up, I began experiencing being “touched” by friends of the family. I was never believed when I told my mother, and once again, I took on the belief that I was in the wrong & deserved everything coming to me….

I had always drawn since I was young & my Grandma (Dad mum) saw my ability and used to teach me oil painting, used to encourage me to draw, but no matter how much I drew or painted, I couldn’t seem to escape the internal self hatred deep inside me…I began cutting myself at the age of 12.

Roll ahead 18 schools later, I found myself running away from home, living on the streets & involved in prostitution, drug addiction, suicide attempts, multiple abortions & petty crime. My mental health deteriorated even more… but through all this, I continued to draw my heartfelt pain & kept journals.

In 1990, on the way home from a hard-core gig, my boyfriend & I were involved in a serious car crash in Cardiff, Taranaki New Zealand.
I took the full impact of a Mark 3 Cortina vs a dirt bank. I had died by the time the ambulance guys had cut me out of the car, they bought me back to life, minor stroke (nothing minor about it) temporary paralysis, multiple brain injuries blah blah blah.

15 days later I woke up in Auckland, unable to walk, talk, hold a conversation & was in hell.

Over almost 28 years later, after many years of “trying” different therapies, religions & treatment programmes, I ‘m now walking, talking, painting, writing & sharing my story in art & in print with others who have NO hope,

I have had several solo art exhibitions, many ongoing joint exhibitions, written my life story “Blood On The Mirror”…I speak at small gatherings when the opportunity arises, am involved in my community, suicide prevention work, a mum of a 21 year old miracle son, a wife of almost 17 years & a Christ Loving Hope bringer of 18+ years.

For more of Anita’s artworks, please visit her gallery page.