About: 1dayonelife is an application for Ipads and Android tablets that consist of an updated photographic book about interesting people all over the world. It is viewed as an array of images composed into a visual chapter about each person. Photo journalism, stylised photography, or character portraiture, that can be treasured as unique. It’s an opportunity to see average everyday people with extraordinary lives. Each has their own story told, and captured, quite uniquely. This is packaged along with others, into a growing database of people, creating a slice of memorabilia for those interested. It is global, not gender specific, but certainly different.

1dayonelife preserves these people, male or female, single or couple. It takes you outside your conventional image of how others maybe seen. Its as if all these people are individually made into documentaries. Photographed over a few hours, a day or more, we work out who these people are, see what they have to give to the world, and capture that essence. There might be video, an interview, or inclusion of their own material.

Firstly, there’s an interview, whereby we hear their story. This is developed into a detailed document on how they perceive life, and what they think they can leave on society. This becomes the spice of who they are. Now it’s up to us to capture that in images depicting them. This goes alongside the images of what we shoot to make up their whole story.
Secondly, there’s the production processes, be photographed, and directed accordingly. This creative process is different with every person being unique. No one person is the same. An additional day may be used to get seperate photography to round off the scope of work which typifies who they are are. This could be based around sports activities, hobbies, or business interests. This filmic process goes beyond what most people would expect.
Lastly, the process of postproduction, compositing and packaging. This is where we select the images to go with the copy, and how the layout will be developed. This is then packaged up as a portfolio of them, and we output this through our application or digital distribution.

“Chapters” are produced on a regular basis, released on our application, and a percentage of sales are poured back into the community. This is all through the power of digital technology, and should each person want a copy, a soft copy can be made available through PDF.

This is a charitable project, so we are providing the costs for production and development, AND RECOUPING OUR COSTS through ONLINE sales.

We have considered a hardcopy coffee table type book, but as trends dictate, a digital soft copy is more practical, and having it available as an application with constant uploads is a better way to work, and create a better value for audiences. For the price of a good coffee people can be part of a tribe and get to view a continuing database of interesting people, constantly.

The difference from a hard copy edition, being that there will be additional information and video interviews with most of the people involved. Everything from radio and TV interviews to book releases, behind the scenes videos, events, gallery openings, and specials.

Imagine assigning a different student each day to monitor the news for developing for beginners stories.