Coming from a film and movie making the background and reverting to the latest in digital photography, all of our images are produced with high-resolution digital cameras, wicked fast computers and the latest in software. We are very demanding on gear and of it. We choose the latest equipment on the market to bring images to life and are constantly trying to reduce the amount we travel with. When we find a new piece of gear that works more efficiently or better than what we are currently using we’ll upgrade as soon as possible. Hence, this list of gear will always be in a state of flux. (Except for our trusty and memorable canon lenses)

Cameras that we work with:

Canon 5DS (Full-frame) & 5DSR 50 megapixel bodies. Featuring a full-frame 50.6MP CMOS sensor, the camera captures ultra-high resolution images suitable for large-scale printing and extensive, creative cropping. The Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors provide the wherewithal to handle this abundance of information, enabling fast performance speeds and top-of-the-line image quality.

Canon Mirrorless M3 & M6 (Crop Sensor)

Last years latest in the crop sensor version, run the same software and sensor as the 70 & 80d. Handy when we are out hiking and climbing mountains and don’t want to carry a lot of gear. 25megapixels, not bad for a camera that fits into a hand, and shoots raw.

Phase One (100MP)

The Phase OneXF & 645DF Medium Format DSLR Camera Body is an open platform, digital medium format camera that can use a digital back with an image area much larger than standard 35mm, leading to increased image quality. The camera is compatible with multiple brands of digital backs, including Leaf, Hasselblad, and Phase One, due to its open platform design. It also works with Mamiya focal plane lenses, Schneider-Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses, Mamiya 645 AFD lenses, and Hasselblad V lenses. Pretty much the ultimate in current digital photography. Used for commercial applications only.

Lenses that we use: Canon, Sigma, and Schneider lenses, where we can.

Outlined are the ranges.
16 – 35mm Canon zoom f2.8
18 – 55mm Canon zoom f3.5
24-105mm Canon f4
65mm 1 x 5 macro Canon f2.8
135mm prime Canon f2.0.
70 – 200mm Sigma zoom f2.8
150– 500mm Sigma zoom f5.6-11
600mm telephoto Canon f4

Schneider LS 28mm f/4.5
Schneider LS 35mm f/3.5
Schneider LS  55mm f/2.8
Schneider LS 80mm f/2.8
Schneider LS 110mm f/2.8

Tripods and accessories, filters, and ND filters are all part of our kit, as are remote triggers, pocket wizards, and battery packs. High-speed sync flash.

When it comes to lighting and modifiers, we use a number of options depending on requirements. Mostly we will use Nissin and Canon Speed lights, beauty dishes and softboxes, as we are always traveling, however, we also use a range of Profoto & Broncolor Flash System, Continuous Lighting Products, Grip gear & Accessories. These include reflectors, colorama paper and portable scrims (silks), flag arms, and lighting stands. We use gobos, and poly for reflections and shadows did lights and LED for continuous light sources. Much of what we learned in the film world applies to how we like to light people and situations. That’s just our style.